Tuesday, February 28, 2012

feb 29

so we got a leap year goin on
and im tryna figure out what i wanna do 2moro...

random thought: my internet was off for a month, im mad cuz i found out i was gettin free cable all this tim and it got cut off :( LOL


so anyways i PAID MY CAR OFF

yea baby!!

it feels good to not have to worry about a car note.


so anyways i might get cable now, not sure

if i do, its just gonna sit on nickelodeon

or pbs anyways

whatever cartoon they can find...

i might just try to save :)

who knows...

im just feeling very grateful right now.

im thinking about signing santana up for a baskteball team

thatll be funny watching him scramble around

i remember sens first team

he made a basket for the other team lol

we was rollin

i think i might have to do that man

they only young once

so anyways im not here to say too much, i wish everybody a happy feb 29th 2moro

lets get spring rollin

biking and excercise season for me

bikini season haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

naw forreal

bye yall