Sunday, January 1, 2012


so i saw my friend today

and he was HEATED that we didnt bring the new year in together

as soon as i walked in the door he's like

"whass wrong wit yo phone foo?"

(excuse me??? im a fool now cause i didnt return a phone call)
in my head im like oh God let me avoid this situation ALL together

i just basically told him that i have way too much going on right now

and with regular life, on top of baby daddy drama

on top of kids

and tattooing

im just not in the position right now to date

and to allow anyone into our lives

i have BAD judgement when it comes to men and i dont have time to get to know anyone right now

thats just where i stand

friends are ok all day long

but i dont want anything more than that

if someone cant understand that,

theres not much i can do to pad that reality

it is what it is

happy new year everybody

make the changes you said you were gonna make