Tuesday, January 3, 2012

first day back at school

so, its santanas first day back at school

and surprisingly enough he was alert
on time

he even combed his mohawk lol

so i get curious after a few minutes and i hop on my bike right fast to pop up on him at the bus stop lol

he called me a show off cuz he saw me riding with one hand

little do he know its cause julian had just scratched me and my wrist was hurting lol

anyways, he's happy

he was bummed when sen left yesterday, but him getting back to school should help things until sen comes back out here

so now its just me and cuddle bug

we gonna do a full cleaning of the house

dishes, laundry, then cook a nice big, fat, stuffing, fulfilling meal lol

i need to STOP cuz im just getting bigger and bigger :(

but i LOVE food so much :)

well im just enjoying these few quiet moments i have before my day starts

a LOT to do today.

back to business vacations over

also i GOTTA get back riding my bike regularly, i went round the corner to 7/11

and was WINDED

now how is that when i was just doing 16 miles last month!!! SMH

i gotta get back on it forreal though

DAILY like i was before

stop being lazy!!!