Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 fri. 13th

so today is the first friday the 13th of the year.

i know its gonna be a good day!!!

im biking ALL over las vegas today i have a semi~plan LOL

which is a start

i wanna bike to the bank

visit the phone store,

and i dont know where else my adventure will take me.

i just wanna JOYride as much as i can today.

feel the air in my face, get my heart pumping

the amount of people that i see biking since i started biking last year has literally tripled

and im happy to see that people of ALL races and ages and genders are getting in on the action

young black men, old white women, middle aged mexicans, etc etc just all across the board i am seeing more and more bikers!!!

very GOOD for our environment


trend setting :)

although ive only seen maybe 2 bikes as fly as mine (j/k)

my shit fly lowkey tho :)

me and j!!!!!!

so anyways

be careful today

make ita GREAT DAY!!!!