Tuesday, January 17, 2012


congress is voting this month on certain bills called SOPA and PIPA

they're regarding online piracy websites etc.

if these bills get passed, they will shut down craigslist, ebay, and all other

consumer ran, non profit kinda (small profit rather)

it will give them permission to hijack/hack your computer,

stifling and censoring your search results

basically putting a great deal of restrictions on the freedoms that we have now on the web.

they say sites like craigslist are "stealing" the profits from major corporations by allowing a cheaper alternative to buying and re-using products. ebay has been doing this for years.

but all this can be taken away very soon they are voting on this next week

as a protest on January 18, 2012 various websites are going BLACK to protest the SOPA and PIPA acts

i have provided a few links on my twitter and facebook pages that will alow you to also join in on the prostest 2moro

confirmed participants that are going BLACK 2moro are as follows:




universal subtitles



a softer world

center for technology and democracy

crypto cat


WPS security lock

ischool @syracuse university

Liberty confidential


Plaque Studio





Greenpeace International

Electronic frontier foundation

Colossal mind

Focus on the Facts


nomacs image lounge


victor rix






Internet Archive




The leaky Wiki



Errata Security

City News

Smirking Chimp




Ron Bercume Design

elephant talk Wiki


Vanilla Forums

Open Congress/PPF



Tor Project

Red 5 Studios


Major League Gaming

Monticello Capitol


Strategy Tune

Bread Without Bullets


Dateline Zero

Spurs of the moment

Jazz sequence

here people

Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 fri. 13th

so today is the first friday the 13th of the year.

i know its gonna be a good day!!!

im biking ALL over las vegas today i have a semi~plan LOL

which is a start

i wanna bike to the bank

visit the phone store,

and i dont know where else my adventure will take me.

i just wanna JOYride as much as i can today.

feel the air in my face, get my heart pumping

the amount of people that i see biking since i started biking last year has literally tripled

and im happy to see that people of ALL races and ages and genders are getting in on the action

young black men, old white women, middle aged mexicans, etc etc just all across the board i am seeing more and more bikers!!!

very GOOD for our environment


trend setting :)

although ive only seen maybe 2 bikes as fly as mine (j/k)

my shit fly lowkey tho :)

me and j!!!!!!

so anyways

be careful today

make ita GREAT DAY!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

so much to do

you ever have so much to do that you dont know where to start?

thats where i am right now.

its like, i know what i have to do

there's a floor plan

buts its like a rough draft right now there's a lot of fine tuning i need to do while im getting everything together

decisions to be made

so my brain is kinda running around in circles and im trying to grab one thought

but its hard

i feel overwhelmed

i'll get thru it tho like i always do.

one step at a time

one day at a time

i gotta remember what and who im doin it all for

so anyways just grabbing a minute before i get these kids in bed and start cleaning this house theyve destroyed lol

smh looooong sigh

alright goodnight everybody hope you all had a great weekend

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

first day back at school

so, its santanas first day back at school

and surprisingly enough he was alert
on time

he even combed his mohawk lol

so i get curious after a few minutes and i hop on my bike right fast to pop up on him at the bus stop lol

he called me a show off cuz he saw me riding with one hand

little do he know its cause julian had just scratched me and my wrist was hurting lol

anyways, he's happy

he was bummed when sen left yesterday, but him getting back to school should help things until sen comes back out here

so now its just me and cuddle bug

we gonna do a full cleaning of the house

dishes, laundry, then cook a nice big, fat, stuffing, fulfilling meal lol

i need to STOP cuz im just getting bigger and bigger :(

but i LOVE food so much :)

well im just enjoying these few quiet moments i have before my day starts

a LOT to do today.

back to business vacations over

also i GOTTA get back riding my bike regularly, i went round the corner to 7/11

and was WINDED

now how is that when i was just doing 16 miles last month!!! SMH

i gotta get back on it forreal though

DAILY like i was before

stop being lazy!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


so i saw my friend today

and he was HEATED that we didnt bring the new year in together

as soon as i walked in the door he's like

"whass wrong wit yo phone foo?"

(excuse me??? im a fool now cause i didnt return a phone call)
in my head im like oh God let me avoid this situation ALL together

i just basically told him that i have way too much going on right now

and with regular life, on top of baby daddy drama

on top of kids

and tattooing

im just not in the position right now to date

and to allow anyone into our lives

i have BAD judgement when it comes to men and i dont have time to get to know anyone right now

thats just where i stand

friends are ok all day long

but i dont want anything more than that

if someone cant understand that,

theres not much i can do to pad that reality

it is what it is

happy new year everybody

make the changes you said you were gonna make




~Chase ♥