Monday, December 26, 2011

planning my 2012

so, the holiday is over

new years is on the front stoop

and then our new year!!!!

im kinda let down and excited at the same time

my best friend was supposed to come out in january

but we pushed it back to june.

she goin camping with us!!!

the boys cant STOP talking about this summers camping trip they had a lot of fun last year

and since that was our first time,

this year should go just that much smoother

and its gonna be funny to see my best friend in the wild LOL LOL

i cant wait!

we already have everything we need

we were gonna drive out there right now

to see the snow

but we really dont have alot of snow clothes


and i am NOT gonna be freezing my nads off tryna camp in the snow wit no heater LOL

i cant wait i cant waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

im like a kid on Christmas eve

its gonna be hell waiting until june...

but its ok

i know the time will fly as long as im doing the right things and keeping busy

i have absolutely no complaints right now

now 2moro might be another story lol (j/k)

praying that it wont

our plan is to shop a little and pretty much bring it back home

my daughters father is coming out

so (i dont know what to say after that lol)

anyways everyone
get your resolutions


everyone can make changes in their life if they truly

want to