Friday, December 16, 2011

one week from Christmas

so people we are on Christmas' doorstep :)

(im havin a lot of typos lol)

i take it everyone has prepared and gotten ready for the holiday

im not sure who ALL ima be spending my holiday with...

but im grateful nonetheless

i havent really done a whooooole lot

i have started to dedicate my life to a lifestyle of truly only USING what i really have to.

i see SOOOOO SOOOO SOOOO many other people in other countries that live without all the shit we "NEED" as americans.

i makes me sick sometimes,

now dont get me wrong i love our technology,

but our over usage of everything it starts to get really outrageous.

just a few years ago, not EVERYONE had a cell fone lol


I HAVE 2!!

but NOT anymore

im cutting back on everything i USE

i already RE USE when i can


and when i get rid of something

i usually give it someone i know

or donate it to a thrift store or some type of charity

so it can be RE USED

i am attempting to cut down on the electricity usage which is really hard

because in the winter i like to be warm and in the summer i like to be cold LOL

but i am defnitely saving on my electricity since im now hand washing and drying all of our clothes

and i might ADD the kids LOVE doing the clothes with me

so its yet another family tying activity that we have found ourselves doing.

its gotten a little colder now,

so we are driving the truck again more often.

but eventually we'll be back out there everyday like we used to be


my car is almost paid off :) CANT WAAAAAAAAAIT

and life is great, jolly and good LOL

im waiting on a early Christmas gift that i bought myself!!

my bestie is giving me an early gift 2moro I LOVE YOU J!!!!

i should be getting more stuff for me on monday

and then more stuff after that LOL


i think sen is coming out here this weekend :)

so GOD IS GREAT all the same!!!!!


i hope everyone is having a lot of holiday cheer and spirit in their hearts and in their homes :)

if you cut back on what you DONT NEED

you can better focus on the things you really need to.

focus on your families

connect with GOD

HE will provide you with what you are supposed to have


make HIM your one and only