Saturday, December 31, 2011

movie night

so, im watching the Pursuit of Happyness

and this movie touches me everytime!

talking about a man following his dreams and truly coming up

going above and beyond for his son

especially after the mom took off

i think he showed his son a VERY good example of what it means to stick to what you want no matter what

he made the impossible possible

he got his car taken
still paid his tickets off, while taking the bus

worked a FULL time internship while selling those crazy bone density scanners

lost his apartment moved into a motel

lost the motel room

even had to spend the night in a train station bathroom

ended up fighting for spare rooms at various shelters

all while STILL working the internship and selling the scanners and being a FULL time single dad

it was trying and he struggled a lot

but he ended up getting the job

chosen over the college educated guys,

the caucasion guys

and all the other more likely choices

to me he was very humble, yet had a sense of pride.

it was real deep to me

when he said he was thinking about the declaration of independence and when george washington said "life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness"

and that maybe happiness is something that can only be pursued and that you could never really have it.

i think on a lot of levels thats really true

humans are so fickle and unpredictable

what we want changes from minute to minute

what makes us happy changes from day to day

if anyone hasnt seen this movie i recommend it

for the adults and children both ♥

never give up on your dreams