Sunday, December 4, 2011

las vegas rock n roll marathon

so i did a little shopping
came home and cooked dinner for my family,
then we was on the way to return the redbox movies...

i live directly off the strip so as soon as i drive 2 blocks towards las vegas blvd i discover im stuck.

they had the entire strip blocked off.
i had NO way of leaving
and even if i got out
i probably wouldnt have been able to get back home.

we were gonna ride the bikes,
but honestly
it was cold.

and i didnt feel like fighting with the wind

so anyways we have thousands of people cheering outside
for the marathon runners

the las vegas marathon is one of the oldest marathons in our country
and its part marathon
part rock concert
with live entertainment at every mile marker.

anyways just sharing a piece of my day.

i bought a galvanized steel tub today to go along with my other plastic washing tub
and my 1800's mangle

my life is pretty complete

im very happy

and i cant believe how much GOD has blessed me
and my family

wish and pray


as always live, laugh, love

and recycle, re-use, and reduce your trash!!!

love ♥