Saturday, December 17, 2011


so i talked to my friend today

he said he's been lookin for me lol

i had told him i went to the dr. with santana all day yesterday

he asked me why i didnt take him with me, he wanted to go and he told me "he cared"

i dont know what to think about that one,

usually when a man is trying too hard it doesnt end up well

its like WHY are you trying so hard?

what are we rushing towards??

marriage? LOL

anyways just thinking out loud...

he said he wanted to take me out for drinks.

but then he remembered i dont leave my daughter with anyone

why do guys always try to get you drunk??


its like "lets get to know each other"

"by drinking" lol

well since everything happens for a reason, then i was supposed to MISS that date

he said im obligated to spend time with him???

i dont know maybe i heard him wrong

but i swear i heard that ass right

all i really want is a friend man

somebody to hang out with

crack jokes with

didnt we go over this already??

im seriously not speaking in code

i cant deal with this man LOL


i dont know if im not feeling a relationship right now or if im just not feelin him

my bestie thinks it the latter lol

i dont know i asked my friend where he was,

he just so "happened" to be at the casino right near my house...

coinkydink?? i dont know you tell me

im glad i dont "do" casinos' you cant swoon me that way

im not really into bars or clubs

its really quite hard to "get" to me

im a hard person to figure out

im complex

im like shrek

im an onion

an onion has LAYERS!!! dammit lol

i think thats a good thing tho,

i have a few people trying to "court" me i guess you could say


but i dont know im still just really neutral right now

i just dont feel like im missing anything

i dont wanna fix anything thats not broken you know??

im not in to drama

usually theres always drama when you start dating anyone new

people all in your damm business

creating relationships that dont exsist

putting too much on it etc.

they be on it more than me type shit lol

why change any of that??

i am soooo drama free its not even funny right now LOL

i wake up with a fat ass smile on my face and go to sleep doing the same

i go to sleep when i want wake up when i want

chill with my kids day in and day out

i have a teenager almost LOL tween

i dont know if i wanna share my beautiful family with another person who might take advantage of us and all we have to bring to their life

they have to be super, ultra, mega fantastic

they have to be in GOD'S image