Monday, December 19, 2011


happy holidays everybody (once again)

i hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season and also the upcoming celebrations that are in store

its gonna be great no matter what
i REFUSE to give the enemy my joy

me and my best friend made a pact

and i intend to keep it!! so far i kinda kept it lol

gonna have Christmas dinner with friends and it should be good (hopefully) lol

im noticing more and more people tryna come around

be apart of the picture

but my picture is FULL

i aint got NO room

for anything else

let alone anyONE else

its just cray lol


so BOTH the boys have mohawks right now...

i hope to post pics soon

i just have been having the worst imaginable back pain lately

gotta visit the orthopedic surgeon again

anyways not here to say much

just enjoy life everyone

realize that every single day is a precious gift

its like on madea big happy family

when the one daughter was mean to her mom

then what???

her mom passed on her without her even getting to say sorry

do you want to have those types of regrets??

live knowing that there was SOOO much more you could have done for the people that you love.

thats the stuff that literally will eat away your soul

and it will kill you

destroy your spirit and your faith

take you away from you

it happens so often

there is a message given to you everyday

are you receiving it??

think about it ♥

stay blessed folks