Monday, December 12, 2011


happy MONDAY everybody
im up briefly

i woke up very hungry today so ive already cooked breakfast and stuffed my face and im on the way to a nap

i call it my "pre" nap cuz the nap comes later lol

anyways just wanted to say to have a blessed week

my niece is out of the hospital GOD IS GOOD

also to let everyone know

my niece was hospitalized a few days ago for having a seizure

she went to see the twilight movie breaking dawn part one i believe

theres scenes in there that flash like a strobe light

at its causing people to have seizures

theyve already banned the movie over in japan because it was causing seizures in both the adults AND the children

so everyone PLEASE be cautious

my niece saw it on november 18th and has been having seizures ever since

MY kids will NOT be seeing this
because if any one of them ever started to have seizures post twilight i'd sue the hell outta those movie people

anyways just wanted to warn everyone so hopefully further harm can be avoided to anyone big or small

so everyone have a blessed day

watch your loved ones

and put GOD first

that nagging feeling telling you the RIGHT thing to do!!!

its not always easy but its almost always NECESSARY!!!