Tuesday, December 13, 2011

a gesture noticed

soooo i guess you can say i had my second date



whatever u wanna call it lol

things went much smoother this time

there also was a little twist but i wont get all kinda into that


he noticed some of the antiques i had in my place

the style, and swag of it all i guess

so when he came this time, he brought some old stuff along with him

it started some conversation

and i think it made me feel a little less nervous

he said he thought i would be into that sort of stuff lol

at least he's trying to get to know what kinda stuff i like

what interests me lol

he feels like his "in" cuz amil gave him some hugs (pretty amazing i admit)

but i wouldnt say the battle is won

he tried to tickle me lol naw forreal

trying to break the ice i guess

anyways just wanted to say out loud that i do see definite effort

santana thinks i have a boyfriend cuz i gave him a hug LOL

kids are too crazy