Thursday, December 15, 2011


so, we are back home from santana's first IV (infusion) medicine session
it takes roughly 6 hours,

we arrived there around 10:50 this morning, its 5 oclock now.

it was surprisingly a lot easier than i thought

even though it was a loooong day

it was pretty relaxing.

pretty much they hooked santana up to an iv and he played x box for 6 hours and ate chips, cookies, drank koolaid lol

i brought us some lasagna, kool aid, chips, pickles, mango

i mean i came PREPARED knowing that it was gonna be a all day mission.

amil found a toy she loved and played with that and ate and watched cartoons

couldnt get santana off the game,


NO TEARS on the iv

which is the hardest part

no reaction to the medicine,

no fever

no vomiting

and he had a BLAST!!

so we have to go again in 2 more weeks

hopefully everything will go as smooth as today

i even got a nice nap

so it wasnt that bad at all.

have a blessed one everybody