Sunday, December 11, 2011

first date??

so i possibly had a first date tonight lol

it was at least the first time ive been alone with this person, just on a casual kind of level

it was the CRAZIEST night i could have imagined lol

so were just tryna hang out and watch a movie...

i had people call me and then ask to speak to him lol

he got threatened lol

surprisingly enough he wants to hang out again...

its akward getting to know someone

i was hungry but i didnt wanna eat in front of him lol

i felt like extra under the microscope.

he said he wants to meet my family.

what does that mean?

my bestie said the same thing was gonna happen that happened to everyone else,

eventually i get tired, bored, lose interest and leave

i dont know if shes right or not

i cant say shes lying

who knows lol

all i know is i had a good time

it feels good to be in the company of someone sometimes, not just sitting in the house all alone

someone to talk to

crack a joke

cook or eat with

just companionship i guess

i call it company

if its good company you dont have to jump thru hoops and do all that

you can try to be yourself

my friend said that if i see this person again

maybe a few more times i might loosen up

get more comfortable

i dont know tho lol

im like extra noid when it comes to men


no i like to be alone most of the time so being around people

just alone in a quiet setting is trying to say the least for me.

all that being said i think it went ok

maybe they'll be a date number 2 maybe not

but its good to know im not scared of getting back out into the dating world


i think he at least deserves a second shot after what went on tonight lol

its like hitch when the first 3 dates went horribly wrong lol

live life everybody