Friday, December 23, 2011

day one

so we got our butts out the house today and did a little shopping

sen of course got GAMER stuff (frickin game head) lol
he also got a yoyo, some kinda wall crawler and something else i cant remember lol

santana got a gun (of course J/K) lol a wall crawler like sen and some extra ammo lol

amilly got a smurf, a woody, a corn popper a new cup and bubbles.

we're going out again 2moro.

possibly 2night if we stay up like we been doing.

i got a under bed storage lol (old people flavor)
a cordless mouse which i LOVE!!!!

a movie for the kids

and a hammer LOL

its a cold world when you get a hammer for Christmas lol :)

but its coo...

i need it cause i be borrowing my neighbor hammer i know they like dam!!!

so with all that being said and done

we hit up a little ceasar's and kept it moving lol

we prolly gonna decorate the tree 2moro and then who knows what all else we gonna end up doin lol

i need to buy a couple things for my spoiled cats actually

fat butts!!!

my Christmas was good!

my washing board finally came

and everything fell into place THANK GOD

thanking GOD everyday

im very very very happy!

SEN came out :)

the LORD is a miracle worker boooooooy!

so we definitely had a full day.

amil just knocked out

we watching a movie

we got our feets kicked up

so anyways ima get off here.

everybody enjoy your weekend.

2moro Christmas eve is here

time to enjoy the magic of CHRISTS' birthday

just see how HIS spirit fills (usually) most people with joy



HE fills you

i love the LORD