Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Vacation

"its that time
Christmas time is here!
everybody knows there's not a better time of yeaar
hear that sleigh
Santa's on his way
hip hip hooray for Christmas vacation

got a ton of stuff to celebrate
now its gettin closer i cant wait
gonna make this holiday as perfect as can be
just wait as THIS Christmas vacation

this old house, sure is lookin good
got ourselves the finest snowman in the neighborhood
aint it fun? always on the run
thats how its done on Christmas vacation

Lets all deck the halls and light the lights
get a toasty fire burning bright
give St. nick the warmest welcome that he's ever had
we're so glad for Christmas vacation

and when the nights are peaceful and serene
we can cuddle up and do our Christmas dreaming ;)

peace and joy and love are everywhere
you can feel the magic in the air
let the spirit of the season carry us away
hip hip hooray for Christmas vacation