Sunday, December 11, 2011


what does it mean when you dream about someone?

people you dont talk to?

someone you dont see?

how is it you go all day without giving them a single thought

and then you go to sleep and there they are


what role is that?

if ANY

is it your mind playing tricks on you?

your subconscious?

lately ive been having alot of dreams with this same person in them

almost everyday

and it bothers me

because i dont think about this person at all

but lately since i been dreaming about them, when i wake up, im still kinda thinkin about them cuz im trying to figure out WHY im having these dreams

maybe its the devil trying to deceive me because im doing so well

i dont know what the reason is really.

all i know is these dreams

maybe this person needs prayer.

im gonna pray about it.

you can never go wrong with prayer.

hopefully i wont have this dream again

i wont see this face

hear this voice

your mind can play serious tricks on you

watch your thoughts they become words
watch your words they become actions
watch your actions they become habit
watch your habits they become your character