Tuesday, December 27, 2011


sooooo the word is that i get online and put shit on blast...

telling homies what? i dont know lol

i dont even talk to "your homies"

and i never name names anyways cause thats NOT my style

but given the special circumstance and since im catching hell for doing something i dont do

i'll do it NOW

today was a first for me on many many levels

and yesterday as well,

last night the bd came out and he took the baby to spend the night

he also left his nephew here to play with the boys (they had a BLAST) by the way lol

so around 10 clock this morning (11 hours after the baby had been gone)

i call to see how she was, where they were and what she was doing.

he hangs up

nephew comes and asks me what he can eat, but tells me he can only eat soft food,

theres only one small thing of apple sauce left

so i call and ask what can he eat

hang up

nevertheless i send a text expressing my dislike for the way he keeps hanging up while im trying to figure out what his nephew can eat!!!

i told him it was aight tho... he didnt have to worry bout it no more.

that we had enjoyed him coming over to play

and it was basically whatever at that point

so he comes shortly after

to drop the baby back off, and he asks
what time can he get her later

i told him to just call me a little later and we can figure that out

he doesnt wanna do that.

i told him to just call me later and i ask him to leave

he close the door and tells me no

i re open the door and tell him to LEAVE and that since i've already asked him to leave that now he is technically tresspassing (which it IS)

he comes in my face and SPITS ON ME

he haulks his throat and SPITS AGAIN this time getting some on the baby since she was in my arms. the baby wipes the spit off and i say "WOW look at the statement youre making"

he spits on me again and takes my cell phone

i chase him outside and he throws my phone on the wall and smashes it

by this time the girlfriend gets out the car and we make a very akward introduction lol (i have nothing bad to say about her at all)

i say im sorry about all this and "he" remarks "dont talk to my girl for i make her beat yo ass"

she saying "baby get back in the car"

he's screaming and spitting in the back of my hair like 4 times. before they leave

the police arrive and the story is told

i dont wanna say too much after this because ALL this is just the beggining of what is to come.

but lets just say, there is A LOT of people out for blood right now.

im just gonna try to keep the peace until something (if anything) can be worked out.

i dont trust this man

how can you trust a man that calls a child a PUNK (because of your anger towards me)

and spit on the mother of your child (and your child) in front of your other children???

i talked to some very WISE, INTELLIGENT CONNECTED PEOPLE and they advise me NOT to let him see the baby (at all really)

i dont know if i would go that far, but i have to have security and peace of mind about a person that is taking my child away from my care

and how can i feel like that when someone damages your property (court case)

and spits on you repeatedly in an OPEN STREET in front of my neighbors like they dont see whats going on...


anyways thats my day so far and its not even 5pm yet

now im supposed to be the nice guy and what? forget that my expensive phone is smashed? and that i got spit all over?