Sunday, November 13, 2011


its really funny the reactions i get from men who want to be apart of my life
of at least want a part of my time....

i ran across this guy yesterday who has been "courting" i guess you could say lol
whatever u wanna call it, he's been "interested" for around a year now. and so he asked me

"when am i gonna get an invite to come over?"

(me) "boy please you know im abstinent"

"what you talking bout? i just wanna come over and hang out"

(me) "boy im almost 31 years old, i know what TRIES to go on when men come over to 'hang out'"
"gurl get yo mind out tha gutter"

(me) LOL

although he was probably shocked he was really impressed.

and i have to admit the fact that he's not "pressuring" me about sex or really bringing it up,

it eases the tension i guess.

still havent had him over to hang yet.

but we're getting a little closer to that i think.

i hate when people are all about the physical, like what about just enjoying each others company?


eating (OF COURSE)

watching movies

grocery shopping

just doing regular shit not the physical physical physical

its crazy the reactions you get sometimes when people hear the word ABSTINENT lol

but every GREAT sacrifice gets an even greater REWARD

so i dont feel like im sacrificing anything at all

cuz there isnt anyone i want to just be with right now

i want someone to take me out

the movies,

get me out the house from time to time you know??

be a MAN lol

make me feel like a lady

i thought the perfect person for me would bring out all the good stuff in me that i didnt know about.

like my best friend.
we've known each other for 15 + years

and we still dont know everything about each other.
and you know what???

when she comes around me, IM a DIFFERENT PERSON

when she comes i always wanna club, dance, smile, laugh, clown
everything good is what i wanna do and be when i hang with my best friend
and THATS what i want out of my MAN

i want him to bring out sides in me that i never knew were in me

if i cant have that then i'd rather live alone.

some people stay with people that bring out the worst in them

they settle
for less

i have a great life all by myself with just me and my kids

so anyone additional will have to ADD to our already boomin life

we have so much fun in this house
we laugh all day
watch movies

bike ride

we have it VERY VERY good


i WILL NOT share my blessings with people who ARENT worthy

and ummmm F.Y.I. any nigga tryin to chime in, yea brutha you have to get passed POPS
so, it pretty much doesnt look good for you

im not even gonna waste my dads time and get your feelings hurt

he's cut throat and i cant blame him ♥ look at me lol im an angel

you know i never have any regrets about passed relationships or exes because i know that when im with someone i am GOOD to them

i do what im supposed to so in the end i live with NO REGRET

i cook, clean, and handle (you know) lol *blushing*

soooo basically im a CATCH ;)

and im happy right where i am in life

i wake up smiling and go to sleep doing the same

NOTHING can get me down

thank you LORD for your abundance in blessing my family

i feel YOUR love everyday
i hope i do something to make YOU proud of me
i hope i am not wasting the blessings and talents YOU have given me

thank YOU for all the changes YOU have made in my life

thank YOU for loving me