Monday, November 14, 2011

part one

so part one of my day has already started.
im still having to give santana his eye drop every 2 hours (my poor baby)

so im up for the 5 oclock drop.

its just me and the cats up

im already planning my day.
planning my bike ride

gotta handle a little business today.

cant believe we're already half way thru the month

i know yall tired of hearing me say it...



which is a good thing

means things are still moving :)

i hope my dad gets to come out here soon. we need to get our chill on

PRAYING sen gets to come out again :) ♥

little sister misses him a heap!!

when he left after the summer she kept thinking there were hiding cuz they used to play hide and seek

broke my little heart
but im giving it to GOD and i know whatever is meant thru HIM will be

so its a little chilly right now, i LOVE my pink panther robe tho
im so warm and dope in it lol

its 44 degrees outside

i told my mom and them that its gonna be chilly when they get back out here.

so anyways i got a few things to sort out mayne


i hope my MAN is like the LORD
forever forgiving, understanding and always there for you

so i told yall about me falling

you shoulda seen santana he is so overprotective of me i cant wait till he gets bigger!

he gone make SURE his momma happy :)

thats all i want outta life


not money, or fame
not a zillion fake ass friends

not a expensive car

a stressful job

just happiness

cause i cant take anything when i die

so i figure, if it doesnt LEAVE with me when i die and go home to the LORD
i must not need it

if GOD hasnt given me something, i dont need it
i HAVE everything i need

and as long as i continue to focus on the LORD and what HE gives me, i know i'll be ok

life is simple when you focus on the simple things

GOD looks out for the poor. HE does not favor rich people at all
HE actually favors people who can live without things of the world, the material things

how much simpler can it get?

they say you can hear the LORD best early in the morning.

maybe thats why im up at such strange hours all the time ♥

i wanna talk the LORD bump yall!!! lol


happy holdays (youre gonna hear me say that a lot till january)

so DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

anyways gonna get off of here.

happy monday and work week.