Wednesday, November 2, 2011

happy holidaze folks

with thanksgiving, Christmas, and new years on our door step what do we have planned?

well i already have one birthday gift THANKS MOM

another shortly on the way THANKS J

i am quickly already seeing this month diminish before my very eyes

my fam bam is gonna be coming out again ♥
for my birthdaaaaay haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (ghetto voice)

not sure what we'll end up doing, but i plan on showing them how i do things MY STYLE

which of course will mean to hit up the thrift stores, (hopefully)
GOOD FOOD hopefully the cheesecake factory ♥ TRADITION

for those of yall who know me, even when i was skin and bones

now that im pleasantly thick LOL

i eat even more so

and enjoy my food a little more :)

like the italianos say about us americanos
we rush through everything including of food and our meals

anyways off track

not sure whats in store for Christmas, i thought the bestie was comin out but it might have to wait another month

then its the NEW YEAR!!!!

cant believe how fast it went by

just in febuary i was sitting in the hospital with an ankle broken in 3 places.

now im walking, biking, and tackling a NEW year!!!!

i cant wait until later today i should have some VERY interesting pictures like i had promised the other day

halloween was a success

LOL amil was going crazy!!!

"tweeen" LMAOOO

awwww the joys and pains of motherhood

i love it and detest it at the same time