Sunday, November 13, 2011

funny sunday

sooo, today i slept in alot
cleaned house as usual
did laundry
watched movies,

so amil keeps beggin to go bike riding

i finally give in cuz i know she only wants to go cuz she likes to nap in the trailer
so we only get a few blocks from home and she OUT

so we keep riding for a little while, then i thought i felt a rain drop
(it never rained)

so im like lets turn around.

me and santana are standing at a cross walk waiting for the cars to clear
as soon as i lift my left foot to take a step
my foot got caught or something i still really dont know LOL

all i know is i was standing perfectly still when i just fell to the ground and my bike fell on top of me LOL''

i got a booboo on my knee :( LOL

its coo tho, i got a lil laugh

just came to share, cuz im never afraid to put me on blast

funny things happen everyday

we just gotta learn to laugh at ourselves ♥

now let me enjoy these sleeping kids.

2moro is another day.