Sunday, November 6, 2011

first week in november

so, sorry ive been m.i.a.
there's been alot of "action" i should say

four of my neighbors houses burned down the other day, thats been pretty emotional

ive been trying to take collections for some of them who need to rebuild
they need clothes, baby clothes, towels, appliances, tv's, almost anything you can think of.

so ive been a little pre occupied with that.

its crazy cuz you know ive recently been hand washing and drying lately.

GOOD THING cuz the laundry room in my building got partially burned and there hasnt been any electric on the side of the building that got burned
hence NO electric in the laundry room!

i am SOOOOOO glad i am still able to wash and dry all our clothes!

GOD IS GOOD very mysterious i would say lol

but so so so so so so GOOD

so after trying to regain composure after the fire

we are all searching for a little normalcy

yesterday we had a great day

we bike rode all over vegas and just had a family, sight seeing, shopping, kinda day

we bought things for the house,
we bought some dvd's that we can watch together as a family.

and now today we are gonna enjoy our overcast rainy kinda day.

today we'll prolly stay indoors, eat warm soul filling food.

and relax. i still low key need to get a few things but im not in desperate need.

we are sitting pretty over here.

blessed especially when you see so much other tragedy going on.

so yesterday my cat died. my cat moon in l.a. :( we had her for 18 years ♥ thats a blessing in itself

and although we miss her,
im glad to know her suferring is over and she is with granny and grandpa. probably pierre too :(

GOD bless you all ♥♥♥

so anyways just came to share, spread love and give a word of hope

appreciate life and your blessings both great and incredibly small

10 of my neighbors have been without electricity ever since the fire.

no heat, tv, stove, internet, lights, NOTHING

an aftershock of the fire thats affecting everyone in my building


you never know when a blessing may leave, or change.

i try not to waste blessings

help me with that ♥ have a blessed sunday everybody