Tuesday, November 15, 2011


up for the 5 oclock drop again,

im gonna see if his eye looks any better today,

the school (which is usually really on point) irritated me yesterday

i called the school nurse and was gonna send it to school with santana,
i told her she needed a drop every 2 hours,
but because the eye drop was given to me directly from the Ophthalmologist she cant administer it to him

she actually proposed that i come up to the school every 2 hours...


so he stayed home yesterday and if they cant figure something out he'll liklely be home all week

which is wack cuz if the B would just give the drop everyone could continue living life.

anyways, today i got a great gift from my neighbor, just a beautiful lamp
its so nice :) i LOVE IT

i got a lot of nice stuff and more to come

i got a lot of compliments on my boots :)

and i just cant be stomped on right now

i happy!!!!

so anyways, just up enjoying the quiet as always.

looking around my apartment and loving it
i LOVE where i am, and who i am today

where i am in life

life isnt about struggle

its just about finding your own happiness
your own reasons to be happy

GOD didnt create us to be sad
HE blesses you when you dont even deserve it

the trick is finding HIS blessings

when you start to get in tune with GOD and people who know HIM

you start to see things alot differently
there is a million and one things. tragic awful things that could happen every minute of everyday

yet amongst that youre still blessed
so be thankful for that

be thankful laughter is free
that smiling helps you to feel better
doesnt that sound like a miracle to you??

re evaluate and make changes if youre unhappy