Tuesday, November 15, 2011


up for the 5 oclock drop again,

im gonna see if his eye looks any better today,

the school (which is usually really on point) irritated me yesterday

i called the school nurse and was gonna send it to school with santana,
i told her she needed a drop every 2 hours,
but because the eye drop was given to me directly from the Ophthalmologist she cant administer it to him

she actually proposed that i come up to the school every 2 hours...


so he stayed home yesterday and if they cant figure something out he'll liklely be home all week

which is wack cuz if the B would just give the drop everyone could continue living life.

anyways, today i got a great gift from my neighbor, just a beautiful lamp
its so nice :) i LOVE IT

i got a lot of nice stuff and more to come

i got a lot of compliments on my boots :)

and i just cant be stomped on right now

i happy!!!!

so anyways, just up enjoying the quiet as always.

looking around my apartment and loving it
i LOVE where i am, and who i am today

where i am in life

life isnt about struggle

its just about finding your own happiness
your own reasons to be happy

GOD didnt create us to be sad
HE blesses you when you dont even deserve it

the trick is finding HIS blessings

when you start to get in tune with GOD and people who know HIM

you start to see things alot differently
there is a million and one things. tragic awful things that could happen every minute of everyday

yet amongst that youre still blessed
so be thankful for that

be thankful laughter is free
that smiling helps you to feel better
doesnt that sound like a miracle to you??

re evaluate and make changes if youre unhappy

Monday, November 14, 2011

part one

so part one of my day has already started.
im still having to give santana his eye drop every 2 hours (my poor baby)

so im up for the 5 oclock drop.

its just me and the cats up

im already planning my day.
planning my bike ride

gotta handle a little business today.

cant believe we're already half way thru the month

i know yall tired of hearing me say it...



which is a good thing

means things are still moving :)

i hope my dad gets to come out here soon. we need to get our chill on

PRAYING sen gets to come out again :) ♥

little sister misses him a heap!!

when he left after the summer she kept thinking there were hiding cuz they used to play hide and seek

broke my little heart
but im giving it to GOD and i know whatever is meant thru HIM will be

so its a little chilly right now, i LOVE my pink panther robe tho
im so warm and dope in it lol

its 44 degrees outside

i told my mom and them that its gonna be chilly when they get back out here.

so anyways i got a few things to sort out mayne


i hope my MAN is like the LORD
forever forgiving, understanding and always there for you

so i told yall about me falling

you shoulda seen santana he is so overprotective of me i cant wait till he gets bigger!

he gone make SURE his momma happy :)

thats all i want outta life


not money, or fame
not a zillion fake ass friends

not a expensive car

a stressful job

just happiness

cause i cant take anything when i die

so i figure, if it doesnt LEAVE with me when i die and go home to the LORD
i must not need it

if GOD hasnt given me something, i dont need it
i HAVE everything i need

and as long as i continue to focus on the LORD and what HE gives me, i know i'll be ok

life is simple when you focus on the simple things

GOD looks out for the poor. HE does not favor rich people at all
HE actually favors people who can live without things of the world, the material things

how much simpler can it get?

they say you can hear the LORD best early in the morning.

maybe thats why im up at such strange hours all the time ♥

i wanna talk the LORD bump yall!!! lol


happy holdays (youre gonna hear me say that a lot till january)

so DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

anyways gonna get off of here.

happy monday and work week.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

funny sunday

sooo, today i slept in alot
cleaned house as usual
did laundry
watched movies,

so amil keeps beggin to go bike riding

i finally give in cuz i know she only wants to go cuz she likes to nap in the trailer
so we only get a few blocks from home and she OUT

so we keep riding for a little while, then i thought i felt a rain drop
(it never rained)

so im like lets turn around.

me and santana are standing at a cross walk waiting for the cars to clear
as soon as i lift my left foot to take a step
my foot got caught or something i still really dont know LOL

all i know is i was standing perfectly still when i just fell to the ground and my bike fell on top of me LOL''

i got a booboo on my knee :( LOL

its coo tho, i got a lil laugh

just came to share, cuz im never afraid to put me on blast

funny things happen everyday

we just gotta learn to laugh at ourselves ♥

now let me enjoy these sleeping kids.

2moro is another day.


its really funny the reactions i get from men who want to be apart of my life
of at least want a part of my time....

i ran across this guy yesterday who has been "courting" i guess you could say lol
whatever u wanna call it, he's been "interested" for around a year now. and so he asked me

"when am i gonna get an invite to come over?"

(me) "boy please you know im abstinent"

"what you talking bout? i just wanna come over and hang out"

(me) "boy im almost 31 years old, i know what TRIES to go on when men come over to 'hang out'"
"gurl get yo mind out tha gutter"

(me) LOL

although he was probably shocked he was really impressed.

and i have to admit the fact that he's not "pressuring" me about sex or really bringing it up,

it eases the tension i guess.

still havent had him over to hang yet.

but we're getting a little closer to that i think.

i hate when people are all about the physical, like what about just enjoying each others company?


eating (OF COURSE)

watching movies

grocery shopping

just doing regular shit not the physical physical physical

its crazy the reactions you get sometimes when people hear the word ABSTINENT lol

but every GREAT sacrifice gets an even greater REWARD

so i dont feel like im sacrificing anything at all

cuz there isnt anyone i want to just be with right now

i want someone to take me out

the movies,

get me out the house from time to time you know??

be a MAN lol

make me feel like a lady

i thought the perfect person for me would bring out all the good stuff in me that i didnt know about.

like my best friend.
we've known each other for 15 + years

and we still dont know everything about each other.
and you know what???

when she comes around me, IM a DIFFERENT PERSON

when she comes i always wanna club, dance, smile, laugh, clown
everything good is what i wanna do and be when i hang with my best friend
and THATS what i want out of my MAN

i want him to bring out sides in me that i never knew were in me

if i cant have that then i'd rather live alone.

some people stay with people that bring out the worst in them

they settle
for less

i have a great life all by myself with just me and my kids

so anyone additional will have to ADD to our already boomin life

we have so much fun in this house
we laugh all day
watch movies

bike ride

we have it VERY VERY good


i WILL NOT share my blessings with people who ARENT worthy

and ummmm F.Y.I. any nigga tryin to chime in, yea brutha you have to get passed POPS
so, it pretty much doesnt look good for you

im not even gonna waste my dads time and get your feelings hurt

he's cut throat and i cant blame him ♥ look at me lol im an angel

you know i never have any regrets about passed relationships or exes because i know that when im with someone i am GOOD to them

i do what im supposed to so in the end i live with NO REGRET

i cook, clean, and handle (you know) lol *blushing*

soooo basically im a CATCH ;)

and im happy right where i am in life

i wake up smiling and go to sleep doing the same

NOTHING can get me down

thank you LORD for your abundance in blessing my family

i feel YOUR love everyday
i hope i do something to make YOU proud of me
i hope i am not wasting the blessings and talents YOU have given me

thank YOU for all the changes YOU have made in my life

thank YOU for loving me

Friday, November 11, 2011


so its now about a week since the fires.
all my neighbors houses that were burned have moved to other vacant apartments in our community.

thats a blessing.

their, trying to rebuild, we are all hopeful
i think we have all learned alot from this

wow i thought i had alot to say when i first sat down but after loading the pictures i feel they speak for themselves.

ultimate tragedy
great losses.

i still feel very grateful.

change is good

everything is gonna be okay

Sunday, November 6, 2011

first week in november

so, sorry ive been m.i.a.
there's been alot of "action" i should say

four of my neighbors houses burned down the other day, thats been pretty emotional

ive been trying to take collections for some of them who need to rebuild
they need clothes, baby clothes, towels, appliances, tv's, almost anything you can think of.

so ive been a little pre occupied with that.

its crazy cuz you know ive recently been hand washing and drying lately.

GOOD THING cuz the laundry room in my building got partially burned and there hasnt been any electric on the side of the building that got burned
hence NO electric in the laundry room!

i am SOOOOOO glad i am still able to wash and dry all our clothes!

GOD IS GOOD very mysterious i would say lol

but so so so so so so GOOD

so after trying to regain composure after the fire

we are all searching for a little normalcy

yesterday we had a great day

we bike rode all over vegas and just had a family, sight seeing, shopping, kinda day

we bought things for the house,
we bought some dvd's that we can watch together as a family.

and now today we are gonna enjoy our overcast rainy kinda day.

today we'll prolly stay indoors, eat warm soul filling food.

and relax. i still low key need to get a few things but im not in desperate need.

we are sitting pretty over here.

blessed especially when you see so much other tragedy going on.

so yesterday my cat died. my cat moon in l.a. :( we had her for 18 years ♥ thats a blessing in itself

and although we miss her,
im glad to know her suferring is over and she is with granny and grandpa. probably pierre too :(

GOD bless you all ♥♥♥

so anyways just came to share, spread love and give a word of hope

appreciate life and your blessings both great and incredibly small

10 of my neighbors have been without electricity ever since the fire.

no heat, tv, stove, internet, lights, NOTHING

an aftershock of the fire thats affecting everyone in my building


you never know when a blessing may leave, or change.

i try not to waste blessings

help me with that ♥ have a blessed sunday everybody

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

happy holidaze folks

with thanksgiving, Christmas, and new years on our door step what do we have planned?

well i already have one birthday gift THANKS MOM

another shortly on the way THANKS J

i am quickly already seeing this month diminish before my very eyes

my fam bam is gonna be coming out again ♥
for my birthdaaaaay haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (ghetto voice)

not sure what we'll end up doing, but i plan on showing them how i do things MY STYLE

which of course will mean to hit up the thrift stores, (hopefully)
GOOD FOOD hopefully the cheesecake factory ♥ TRADITION

for those of yall who know me, even when i was skin and bones

now that im pleasantly thick LOL

i eat even more so

and enjoy my food a little more :)

like the italianos say about us americanos
we rush through everything including of food and our meals

anyways off track

not sure whats in store for Christmas, i thought the bestie was comin out but it might have to wait another month

then its the NEW YEAR!!!!

cant believe how fast it went by

just in febuary i was sitting in the hospital with an ankle broken in 3 places.

now im walking, biking, and tackling a NEW year!!!!

i cant wait until later today i should have some VERY interesting pictures like i had promised the other day

halloween was a success

LOL amil was going crazy!!!

"tweeen" LMAOOO

awwww the joys and pains of motherhood

i love it and detest it at the same time