Monday, October 3, 2011


thank you for arriving.
unannounced you surprised me.

i assume it was all in God's plan, under His control and his timing

i was totally shocked
but even MORE relieved

you changed my life,
you altered my story

finally a chapter worth telling!

no more sad sorrows

everything is turning around.

everyone, everything that GOD wants around me ~ is here

anyone who is gone, is there for a reason
regardless of whether i understand why or not

i dont have to understand

im leaning NOT toward my own understanding

its really funny to me how people always think other "people" are gonna be the ones to control karma
the big "get back"

but the ONE and only LORD plays that out for you

your cards are already dealt
manifest destiny
everything that is happening
the LORD already wrote
before you were a "glimmer" in your parents eye.

once you FULLY grasp that, its alot easier to let go of things

i was the master at holding onto things

especially hurt

i still do that, (working on it)

and ever since a special someone stepped into my life

everything seems alot simpler


i have alot!!

im OVERblessed ♥

the LORD is good!!

i thank HIM for how far He's brought me

how strong He made my back
how He instilled in me that i can truly do ANYTHING

ive walked a mile and back

ive managed more pain that most could in a lifetime
and my life isnt even half over

GOD told me my sorrow is over
to let it go

let the past be the past

and that my future is BOMBBAY LOL

this past mother's day i received the greatest gift i could have ever hoped to gain
a gift that keeps on giving

never ending love

GOD told me that its ok to cry, but its better to cry tears of JOY

i want to live up to the Lord's expectations

He created greatness!
and im thankful