Saturday, October 1, 2011


i notice different little stuff about people everyday
some things i like, somethings i dont

alot gets over looked.

but soon enough everyone reaches there breaking point.

everything has an expiration date.

surprisingly enough, we often try to ignore it.

and when we do, then real tragedy arrives.

i dont pretend to be anything im not
and i dont want anyone being fake with me.

if you SHOW me that you have no loyalty,
you have NO place in my life.

if you are a friend of mine, then you loyalty shouldnt be questioned.

its time to say good bye

and not that its not time

its passed time

its something that shouldve been done long ago and just wasnt

but now that i see for myself who you are

what you will and wont do

i cant chill wit you

you'll just as quickly stab me in the back.

life as it is