Wednesday, October 26, 2011

meat vs your health

hi everybody!!!

i hope you all had a good day today, i wanted to address an important issue

our weight and the food we eat, and how it affects our health.

as many of you know i have always been very petite, and thin.

and over the past year i had a significant weight gain (approx 35 pounds) give or take.

so although i am wearing it well, exercising. i have started to pay more attention to what i eat and how it affects me.

i learned that anyone who eats 12 or more processed meats a month INCREASES their risk of cancer by approximately 14% thats A LOT.

we're talking cancer people, which kills hundreds of thousands of people a year.

i lost my grandmother to cancer.

many many loved ones.

soooo what are the "processed" meats that theyr'e talking about?

ALL of them.

any food that is processed in any way, shape, or form.

that includes ground beef, turkey, chicken, pork etc. hot dogs, links, etc. processed lunch meats, nuggets, fish sticks. anything that anyone processed.

having 12 or more of these meats a month INCREASES YOUR RISK FOR CANCER BY 14 %

when you think about it (at least me myself) i believe i consume around that many processed meats.

you hit mc donalds a few times, even subway (their meat is processed) cook a few burgers at home, some nuggets etc. and at the end of the month you might have consumed maybe even double that.

thats why i wanted to at least make people aware of the risk.

what i have done personally to help eliminate some of the proccessed meats i eat in my own home are,

buying fresh cut turkey breast from delis.

cooking whole turkeys and chickens and making my own meat that way.

i still buy chicken nuggets and ground turkey and beef sometimes. but all in all i try to at least be AWARE

conscious on what im eating and what my kids are eating.

i hope this helps every one who reads it in some way

moderation is the key to everything

lets live long lives!!!

so we can see our kids, grand kids and great grandkids grow up :)