Saturday, October 8, 2011

maybe next lifetime

you ever feel like a situation would work out differently if the timing was just different?

timing is everything

sometimes you might have the right person and ALL the wrong timing

you're supposed to be having time for each other.
you seldom see that anymore though.

people make time for what they want, who they want, when they want.

i guess we're all guilty of that at some point in time.

it never feels good when its you on the short end.

i never understand that.

why reach out to someone? when you know that you dont have time for them?

at some point, you stop reaching back,

stop caring, stop wondering

and eventually you FORGET.

im still on the same path that i have been on for a while.

im still happy.

much more cautious than before.

sometimes you have certain situations that define how you view someone for the rest of your life.

sometimes you see them for the very first time.

i always say actions speak louder than words.

a person's mouth can open up and say anything, but if you watch long enough
their actions will tell you everything!!!

GOD is very merciful!

He will give you all the answers if you ask.

dont be fooled though, remember that the devil is very deceiving
when you're on the right track the devil will try to distract you

so be watchful for when something is sent from GOD and when a distraction is sent from the devil.

when GOD wants you to work harder and when HE wants you to defend yourself against harm.

you ever fall in love with a thought?
a fairy tale?

what you wish you and that special person could be
how you could make it work

live the american dream?

raise your family?

you become lost in the dreamworld

because thats not how things really are.

in real life, you never talk.
the texting is scant.

and the wound is fresh.

i would be naive to say that we can just be friends after everything that has happened between us.

i know that you're gonna be fine and so will i.

it was fun to imagine a "we"

"we" never made it that far though.

as always i keep you in my prayers.

i'd be lying if i said i didnt think about you.
want to see you.
youre gorgeous face ;)
still the most handsome man i've ever laid eyes on ♥

i think thats why we even bother. we like to look at each other.

i can close my eyes and see your smile

i miss you.

but i cant argue with GOD or fate.

all i have now is memories.

but i can hold onto them for the rest of my lifetime.

and maybe we'll meet up next lifetime.
when things might work out better.

yea.... next lifetime