Sunday, October 9, 2011

lets not and say we did

lets pretend we saved a friendship
that things didnt end weird.

i guess we could pretend you did the right thing.

lie to yourself and say you didnt cheat
you werent wrong

but what sense does any of it make?

we arent forced to share a future together
to be friends
to talk

so lets not and say we did

isnt it confusing for you?

to try to act like things arent different when everything has changed

i warned you before the line was crossed

that friends and lovers cant mix

now you see what i was talking about

you also should know by now how cut throat i am

i am no ordinary woman

and i cant be handled like anyone youve ever known before

you should stick to what you know and who you know
she aint me

no one can ever be me

GOD had a very unique thought when he created me

i am unmatched

and i can never be copied or duplicated

i promise once youve shared any part of your life with me you can never forget it

no woman can match me ;)

i am sure of it!!!

i know who i am

what kind of power i have

im the BEST

ive been told time and time and time again lol

so you go out there and find cheap imititations of the woman you really wish you had

lol lets not and say you did ;)