Monday, October 31, 2011

impressing myself

sooo in my forever battle to be GREEN i have stepped it up to an entirely new level and i am SOOOOO excited about it.

i dont wanna say TOO much in case something falls through,
but in a day or 2 if things go right (GOD willing)

i should have a VERY interesting update

just to re cap~~ some of the things my family and i already do...

we all bought bikes. (i still own my truck but we use it sparingly)
we try to get on our bikes and go for a family bike ride as often as we can a very GREEN way to travel

we RECYCLE we have been for years.

naturally we use RE USABLE grocery bags

and just recently i started doing more and more laundry old school style :) thats right!!


sooo since its gonna be my birthday month my best friend asked me what i wanted and i told her


of course at first she thought it was like a joke lol

then when she realized i was serious, she was like

"no, thats like buying your wife a vacuum for her birthday"......

after i convinced her i just couldnt live without one she gave in

so i have a genuine authentic washing board :)

its a great way to go very GREEN it saves TONS on water and electricity

*water being a very important, limited resource in Nevada, this being a desert we always have a serious water SHORTAGE

so anyways,

i've been re arranging again and again lol

accommodating my new things and new lifestyle

its looking very very vintage in here


i feel like i grabbed a piece of old school Italy and somehow got the swag in my house

its SOOO great!!

ive been finding more and more ways to stay busy

and who knew santana would love washing clothes with me on a washing board LOL

just wait until tuesday

i hope i get the chance to wow you guys.

i have to meet with someone and talk a few things over

but i pretty much have my mind made up

so for any of you who really KNOW ME

that should say it all.

its a beautiful night

GORGEOUS weather (thank you JESUS)

i kinda wanna just take advantage of the lights the wind and the quiet.

wow i just feel SOOO BLESSED right now.

incredibly humble

and overwhelmed with love ♥

my peoples is coming out this month YAY!

i cant believe im turning 31

im glad and very happy with where i am in life right now.

my best friend told me i was her "house wife" ...

she said she wouldnt know what to do if i ever decided to work again
she wouldnt know how to take it.

ive always been my own boss for so long

she's so used to me being able to just relax at home for the most part
take trips when i want to
do things at the drop of a hat.

whenever i get with j,
you never know whats on the menu.

i might have to kidnap her so me, her and the kids can go to the San Diego zoo!!

and because of all of that i have to feel very grateful!!!


and because of where i am in my life, im finding so much joy in the things around me

i can let go of a lot of things i never knew i didnt need

although i havent done it yet, i still have the possibility of selling my truck looming around as a thought

recycling, re using, saving energy, conserving water/electricity... that is a MAJOR WAY we can give back to GOD by preserving HIS creation, His earth

i am stepping back into the dark ages a little and i feel happier

the more technology i take out of my life the SIMPLER my life gets and im pretty content with that

i will always have a computer LOL

i need the internet etc.

but i am cutting back on every other non necessary luxury i can.
especially if its a way to save some of our natural resources.

making sacrifices and like some of my ancestors :)

they had things good back then

alot less stress!!!

anyways just came to share my excitement

i'll give you an update and most likely pictures within the week


love yall stay positive and put every bit of your faith in GOD