Thursday, October 27, 2011

halloween 2011

so people it's finally here!!! HALLOWEEN

whats everyone gonna be?

my oldest son is still undecided right now i asked him what he was gonna be he said "a ninja, asomething else or a robber/thief" i was like thats alot lol, my middle boy is gonna be a grim reaper, and the baby is gonna be a beautiful geisha girl (thanks to her mommies good looks LOL)

im not sure if im gonna dress up or not still, i have something to wear,

honestly i dont have the small accessories that i want to go with it.
i been sick up and down for almost 2weeks now, so i figure if i have the energy and spirit to dress up, i will
and if i dont at least i will hopefully feel good enough to take the kids to do they thang.

i wanna flatten my hair out to go along with my costume, but now that my hair is long again thats lookin like a LONG shot too

well at least the kids is excited :) thats all that matters

another year CLOSING FAST!

its so funny how time flies faster and faster the older you get

i wish everyone a great holiday weekend
no school for us nevadians cuz were dope (im not from here but i been here a long time) LOL

at least the school system is pretty nice

4 day weekend for santana trick or treating on monday ;) the fun day