Friday, October 7, 2011

goodmorning troops

hello everybody, happy friday!!!

the first week of october is already OVER!

YEA!!!! only a couple more weeks till my birthday :)

these next couple of months are my favorite time of the year!!!!

i unexpectedly still been doin more changes to my apartment (as always) LOL

but its lookin very spiff i tell you
nothing but compliments every time someone comes through :)

so, with the year quickly coming to an end...

i hope everyone has had a GREAT year!!!!

this was one of the best ive had in a LONG time!!!

alot of positive changes
different people in my life

bullshit steppin!

great bonds formed

goons acquired LOLOL LMAO

anyways im just UP enjoying this morning (which i never do)

im hoping to ATTEMPT to change my hours by just a little since its gettin dark and cold so quick

we're already in the low 50's high 40's so, i can already see where this winter is going

its gonna be A COLD ONE FOLKS!

maybe we'll even get snow again :)

when my daughter wakes up we might go on a nice, calm bike ride.

she absolutely loves riding :)

Thanksgiving is around the corner.

i pray everyone gets to spend it the way the LORD planned it.

im gonna be havin a ball hence my birthday lol

then of course CHRISTMAS my ♥♥♥ favorite favorite holiday!

and then we have a brand new year on our doorstep :)

this morning i would like to thank the LORD for waking me up, giving me words to speak to you all.

I see His blessings absolutely everywhere
i see His beauty!!

His masterpieces ♥

enjoy GOD everybody
enjoy life, breath in your body

love your loved ones, pray for your enemies

give GLORY to GOD

put GOD first and everything follows.