Sunday, October 16, 2011

giving it to GOD

im in a very different stage in my life right now.

a stage of watching, learning, and changing.

seeing people for who they really are.
watching where and who there loyalty lies with

what kind of person they are

what they expect from me
if they are there for me the same way i am for them

i am distancing myself from a lot of folks

people dont care whether theyre right or wrong

how they do people

i guess they feel you can do what you want never answering to anyone

i guess they forgot about GOD

as i let go of the negative people and the things that i allow to hold me back

a newer world is opening up to me
and everyone thats in this world is happy



in love with GOD

in love with life

and they are BLESSED
beyond all measure


i realize that i am already one of these people and others realize it

even try to prey on it

envy it

envy you

stay away from those people

they're is no shame is standing alone next to GOD

i am so HAPPY for certain people on my life right now

happy of where they let GOD take them

i am following in some very big footsteps but i know i can do it

my blessings are already THERE i just have to claim them

own them

im giving the good the bad and the ugly to GOD

and im gonna relish in His undying love

its so great to have someone carrying me

i have alot of people in my prayers right now.

people sick and dying from cancer.

prayers for loved ones that ive already lost

i know theyre watching over us right now proud

proud of the steps that have been taken
proud of the changes that have been made

ive still been continuing to stick to my abstinence
give my energy to GOD, my kids, exercise LOL

anything but giving into the flesh


we are indebted to HIM

we are in His mercy simply for being made in His image

i know that doin the right thing is hard

but thats why its the RIGHT thing to do.

i plan my happiness every single day

taking it day by day

knowing that 2moro may never come

i pray for my enemies

ask God to help me to become an increasingly better person

i love my family

they cool for the most part LOL LOL

hey we are given our fam, we cant pick them.

i am gonna try to stash some money and take a vacation outta country :)

get my passport on

live a little

think about myself

i never think about myself.

i matter too!

im gonna start pampering myself.

i gotta think about what i want for my birthday

lowkey i was posta tell my bestie what i wanted by the end of 2nite

i'll tell her when i think of it

and i might even let someone take me out to dinner and a night on the town :) ♥

i plan on having a good birthday this year ♥
i WILL have a BOMBAY day!!!

im embracing where i am in life cuz i feel SOOOOO BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!

i look around at all i have

and i cant imagine what GOD could possibly bless me with next.

but i know its coming :)

give it GOD yall!

enjoy life



learn from your mistakes.

thats all He wants from us.

to call on Him when we are in need
to trust