Tuesday, October 25, 2011

gettin started

soooo today santana wanted to be on super slow mode this morning.

first he had to take like a 30 minute "bathroom break"...

so im rushing him like come on, you dont wanna miss the school bus

i told him what to wear cuz he FORGOT it was picture day today

after sweating me all week like a loan shark lol

so when he comes out he has the shirt i picked out on top of this other shirt

mind you both the shirts have collars so he lookin like 2 collar larry n shit lol

i told him to take the under polo off and put the button up shirt back on and button it up

i also told him to get his jacket out the car cuz he been havin a cough for like 2 weeks now

he gets it, then when he give me the keys back he tellin me

"it dont feel cold outside"

im like boy you been havin a cough over a week, im tired of hearing that shit put the coat on and take yo ass to school

good ness, the changes we had to go through today lol

cant wait to hear about his day when he gets home

he be havin the CRAZIEST stories

i know he be SUPER embellishing but i dont give him a hard time about it