Tuesday, October 25, 2011

dating with kids

so with the continual changes on families and whats considered to be standard family life

we have more and more single moms and dads finding themselves in the "dating" world

and if you are one of these people then you know how difficult it is

kids get extremely attached.

people change


break their promises.

and your kids almost suffer MORE than you

being a victim of this circumstance, i vowed that i never wanna put my kids at risk for being hurt

until i really KNOW that im with the person im gonna marry and spend the rest of my life with

but how do you know?

people are so unpredictable

how do you know that they really are who they are and who they say theyre gonna be?

thats the danger of dating with kids

keeping a very crisp line

no gray area

no bullshit

no games

no "booty calls"

im above all of that


its beneath me

and i wont fall subject to it

i wont have "friends" making passes at me making me uncomfortable

if you wanna be a friend then be one

my friends dont get to come over here and have sex

go to your other "friends" for that

by now everyone should be very clear on where i stand about them because i dont play games

i dont pretend

and dont fake like im feelin something i dont

i dont call people

and i rarely answer my fone


because i know my time and my company is valuable.

its given to my kids unless i deem someone worthy of sharing some of that time

i have made HUGE character misjudgments in the past

and im alot smarter now


so im not mad about having to make smart decisions

thats a good thing

its a good thing that i have to weigh in on everyone who might affect my kids

if youre single with kids and dating: think about your kids first

NEVER EVER choose a man OVER your kids.

and STAND UP for what you believe in and how you think you should be treated

recognize that you are setting a FOREVER image, example of what your kids think is healthy and normal.

they will think however you act is how they are supposed to act in their own relationships when they come of age.

a man is LUCKY when he finds a wife.

so realize your worth, let your daughters know their worth

women you are worth MORE than rubies (it says it in the Bible)

stick with the man that KNOWS that

and with the man that makes you FEEL like that.

everyday you should wake up SMILING because youre next to your husband or wife.

live your miracle