Monday, October 31, 2011

impressing myself

sooo in my forever battle to be GREEN i have stepped it up to an entirely new level and i am SOOOOO excited about it.

i dont wanna say TOO much in case something falls through,
but in a day or 2 if things go right (GOD willing)

i should have a VERY interesting update

just to re cap~~ some of the things my family and i already do...

we all bought bikes. (i still own my truck but we use it sparingly)
we try to get on our bikes and go for a family bike ride as often as we can a very GREEN way to travel

we RECYCLE we have been for years.

naturally we use RE USABLE grocery bags

and just recently i started doing more and more laundry old school style :) thats right!!


sooo since its gonna be my birthday month my best friend asked me what i wanted and i told her


of course at first she thought it was like a joke lol

then when she realized i was serious, she was like

"no, thats like buying your wife a vacuum for her birthday"......

after i convinced her i just couldnt live without one she gave in

so i have a genuine authentic washing board :)

its a great way to go very GREEN it saves TONS on water and electricity

*water being a very important, limited resource in Nevada, this being a desert we always have a serious water SHORTAGE

so anyways,

i've been re arranging again and again lol

accommodating my new things and new lifestyle

its looking very very vintage in here


i feel like i grabbed a piece of old school Italy and somehow got the swag in my house

its SOOO great!!

ive been finding more and more ways to stay busy

and who knew santana would love washing clothes with me on a washing board LOL

just wait until tuesday

i hope i get the chance to wow you guys.

i have to meet with someone and talk a few things over

but i pretty much have my mind made up

so for any of you who really KNOW ME

that should say it all.

its a beautiful night

GORGEOUS weather (thank you JESUS)

i kinda wanna just take advantage of the lights the wind and the quiet.

wow i just feel SOOO BLESSED right now.

incredibly humble

and overwhelmed with love ♥

my peoples is coming out this month YAY!

i cant believe im turning 31

im glad and very happy with where i am in life right now.

my best friend told me i was her "house wife" ...

she said she wouldnt know what to do if i ever decided to work again
she wouldnt know how to take it.

ive always been my own boss for so long

she's so used to me being able to just relax at home for the most part
take trips when i want to
do things at the drop of a hat.

whenever i get with j,
you never know whats on the menu.

i might have to kidnap her so me, her and the kids can go to the San Diego zoo!!

and because of all of that i have to feel very grateful!!!


and because of where i am in my life, im finding so much joy in the things around me

i can let go of a lot of things i never knew i didnt need

although i havent done it yet, i still have the possibility of selling my truck looming around as a thought

recycling, re using, saving energy, conserving water/electricity... that is a MAJOR WAY we can give back to GOD by preserving HIS creation, His earth

i am stepping back into the dark ages a little and i feel happier

the more technology i take out of my life the SIMPLER my life gets and im pretty content with that

i will always have a computer LOL

i need the internet etc.

but i am cutting back on every other non necessary luxury i can.
especially if its a way to save some of our natural resources.

making sacrifices and like some of my ancestors :)

they had things good back then

alot less stress!!!

anyways just came to share my excitement

i'll give you an update and most likely pictures within the week


love yall stay positive and put every bit of your faith in GOD

Thursday, October 27, 2011

halloween 2011

so people it's finally here!!! HALLOWEEN

whats everyone gonna be?

my oldest son is still undecided right now i asked him what he was gonna be he said "a ninja, asomething else or a robber/thief" i was like thats alot lol, my middle boy is gonna be a grim reaper, and the baby is gonna be a beautiful geisha girl (thanks to her mommies good looks LOL)

im not sure if im gonna dress up or not still, i have something to wear,

honestly i dont have the small accessories that i want to go with it.
i been sick up and down for almost 2weeks now, so i figure if i have the energy and spirit to dress up, i will
and if i dont at least i will hopefully feel good enough to take the kids to do they thang.

i wanna flatten my hair out to go along with my costume, but now that my hair is long again thats lookin like a LONG shot too

well at least the kids is excited :) thats all that matters

another year CLOSING FAST!

its so funny how time flies faster and faster the older you get

i wish everyone a great holiday weekend
no school for us nevadians cuz were dope (im not from here but i been here a long time) LOL

at least the school system is pretty nice

4 day weekend for santana trick or treating on monday ;) the fun day

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

meat vs your health

hi everybody!!!

i hope you all had a good day today, i wanted to address an important issue

our weight and the food we eat, and how it affects our health.

as many of you know i have always been very petite, and thin.

and over the past year i had a significant weight gain (approx 35 pounds) give or take.

so although i am wearing it well, exercising. i have started to pay more attention to what i eat and how it affects me.

i learned that anyone who eats 12 or more processed meats a month INCREASES their risk of cancer by approximately 14% thats A LOT.

we're talking cancer people, which kills hundreds of thousands of people a year.

i lost my grandmother to cancer.

many many loved ones.

soooo what are the "processed" meats that theyr'e talking about?

ALL of them.

any food that is processed in any way, shape, or form.

that includes ground beef, turkey, chicken, pork etc. hot dogs, links, etc. processed lunch meats, nuggets, fish sticks. anything that anyone processed.

having 12 or more of these meats a month INCREASES YOUR RISK FOR CANCER BY 14 %

when you think about it (at least me myself) i believe i consume around that many processed meats.

you hit mc donalds a few times, even subway (their meat is processed) cook a few burgers at home, some nuggets etc. and at the end of the month you might have consumed maybe even double that.

thats why i wanted to at least make people aware of the risk.

what i have done personally to help eliminate some of the proccessed meats i eat in my own home are,

buying fresh cut turkey breast from delis.

cooking whole turkeys and chickens and making my own meat that way.

i still buy chicken nuggets and ground turkey and beef sometimes. but all in all i try to at least be AWARE

conscious on what im eating and what my kids are eating.

i hope this helps every one who reads it in some way

moderation is the key to everything

lets live long lives!!!

so we can see our kids, grand kids and great grandkids grow up :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

dating with kids

so with the continual changes on families and whats considered to be standard family life

we have more and more single moms and dads finding themselves in the "dating" world

and if you are one of these people then you know how difficult it is

kids get extremely attached.

people change


break their promises.

and your kids almost suffer MORE than you

being a victim of this circumstance, i vowed that i never wanna put my kids at risk for being hurt

until i really KNOW that im with the person im gonna marry and spend the rest of my life with

but how do you know?

people are so unpredictable

how do you know that they really are who they are and who they say theyre gonna be?

thats the danger of dating with kids

keeping a very crisp line

no gray area

no bullshit

no games

no "booty calls"

im above all of that


its beneath me

and i wont fall subject to it

i wont have "friends" making passes at me making me uncomfortable

if you wanna be a friend then be one

my friends dont get to come over here and have sex

go to your other "friends" for that

by now everyone should be very clear on where i stand about them because i dont play games

i dont pretend

and dont fake like im feelin something i dont

i dont call people

and i rarely answer my fone


because i know my time and my company is valuable.

its given to my kids unless i deem someone worthy of sharing some of that time

i have made HUGE character misjudgments in the past

and im alot smarter now


so im not mad about having to make smart decisions

thats a good thing

its a good thing that i have to weigh in on everyone who might affect my kids

if youre single with kids and dating: think about your kids first

NEVER EVER choose a man OVER your kids.

and STAND UP for what you believe in and how you think you should be treated

recognize that you are setting a FOREVER image, example of what your kids think is healthy and normal.

they will think however you act is how they are supposed to act in their own relationships when they come of age.

a man is LUCKY when he finds a wife.

so realize your worth, let your daughters know their worth

women you are worth MORE than rubies (it says it in the Bible)

stick with the man that KNOWS that

and with the man that makes you FEEL like that.

everyday you should wake up SMILING because youre next to your husband or wife.

live your miracle

gettin started

soooo today santana wanted to be on super slow mode this morning.

first he had to take like a 30 minute "bathroom break"...

so im rushing him like come on, you dont wanna miss the school bus

i told him what to wear cuz he FORGOT it was picture day today

after sweating me all week like a loan shark lol

so when he comes out he has the shirt i picked out on top of this other shirt

mind you both the shirts have collars so he lookin like 2 collar larry n shit lol

i told him to take the under polo off and put the button up shirt back on and button it up

i also told him to get his jacket out the car cuz he been havin a cough for like 2 weeks now

he gets it, then when he give me the keys back he tellin me

"it dont feel cold outside"

im like boy you been havin a cough over a week, im tired of hearing that shit put the coat on and take yo ass to school

good ness, the changes we had to go through today lol

cant wait to hear about his day when he gets home

he be havin the CRAZIEST stories

i know he be SUPER embellishing but i dont give him a hard time about it


Friday, October 21, 2011

for the REAL MEN

Here's to ALL the REAL men out there

Boys play house. Men build homes!!

Boys shack up. Men get married!!!

Boys make babies. Men raise children!

a boy won't raise his own children. a Man will raise HIS AND someone elses!!! (PREACH)

Boys invent excuses for failure. Men produce strategies for SUCCESS!

Boys look for somebody to take care of them. Men look for someone to take care of!!

Boys seek popularity. Men demand respect and know how to give it!!!

RE POST in HONOR of all the REAL men that do the RIGHT THING!!! ♥

Sunday, October 16, 2011

giving it to GOD

im in a very different stage in my life right now.

a stage of watching, learning, and changing.

seeing people for who they really are.
watching where and who there loyalty lies with

what kind of person they are

what they expect from me
if they are there for me the same way i am for them

i am distancing myself from a lot of folks

people dont care whether theyre right or wrong

how they do people

i guess they feel you can do what you want never answering to anyone

i guess they forgot about GOD

as i let go of the negative people and the things that i allow to hold me back

a newer world is opening up to me
and everyone thats in this world is happy



in love with GOD

in love with life

and they are BLESSED
beyond all measure


i realize that i am already one of these people and others realize it

even try to prey on it

envy it

envy you

stay away from those people

they're is no shame is standing alone next to GOD

i am so HAPPY for certain people on my life right now

happy of where they let GOD take them

i am following in some very big footsteps but i know i can do it

my blessings are already THERE i just have to claim them

own them

im giving the good the bad and the ugly to GOD

and im gonna relish in His undying love

its so great to have someone carrying me

i have alot of people in my prayers right now.

people sick and dying from cancer.

prayers for loved ones that ive already lost

i know theyre watching over us right now proud

proud of the steps that have been taken
proud of the changes that have been made

ive still been continuing to stick to my abstinence
give my energy to GOD, my kids, exercise LOL

anything but giving into the flesh


we are indebted to HIM

we are in His mercy simply for being made in His image

i know that doin the right thing is hard

but thats why its the RIGHT thing to do.

i plan my happiness every single day

taking it day by day

knowing that 2moro may never come

i pray for my enemies

ask God to help me to become an increasingly better person

i love my family

they cool for the most part LOL LOL

hey we are given our fam, we cant pick them.

i am gonna try to stash some money and take a vacation outta country :)

get my passport on

live a little

think about myself

i never think about myself.

i matter too!

im gonna start pampering myself.

i gotta think about what i want for my birthday

lowkey i was posta tell my bestie what i wanted by the end of 2nite

i'll tell her when i think of it

and i might even let someone take me out to dinner and a night on the town :) ♥

i plan on having a good birthday this year ♥
i WILL have a BOMBAY day!!!

im embracing where i am in life cuz i feel SOOOOO BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!

i look around at all i have

and i cant imagine what GOD could possibly bless me with next.

but i know its coming :)

give it GOD yall!

enjoy life



learn from your mistakes.

thats all He wants from us.

to call on Him when we are in need
to trust

Sunday, October 9, 2011

lets not and say we did

lets pretend we saved a friendship
that things didnt end weird.

i guess we could pretend you did the right thing.

lie to yourself and say you didnt cheat
you werent wrong

but what sense does any of it make?

we arent forced to share a future together
to be friends
to talk

so lets not and say we did

isnt it confusing for you?

to try to act like things arent different when everything has changed

i warned you before the line was crossed

that friends and lovers cant mix

now you see what i was talking about

you also should know by now how cut throat i am

i am no ordinary woman

and i cant be handled like anyone youve ever known before

you should stick to what you know and who you know
she aint me

no one can ever be me

GOD had a very unique thought when he created me

i am unmatched

and i can never be copied or duplicated

i promise once youve shared any part of your life with me you can never forget it

no woman can match me ;)

i am sure of it!!!

i know who i am

what kind of power i have

im the BEST

ive been told time and time and time again lol

so you go out there and find cheap imititations of the woman you really wish you had

lol lets not and say you did ;)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

maybe next lifetime

you ever feel like a situation would work out differently if the timing was just different?

timing is everything

sometimes you might have the right person and ALL the wrong timing

you're supposed to be having time for each other.
you seldom see that anymore though.

people make time for what they want, who they want, when they want.

i guess we're all guilty of that at some point in time.

it never feels good when its you on the short end.

i never understand that.

why reach out to someone? when you know that you dont have time for them?

at some point, you stop reaching back,

stop caring, stop wondering

and eventually you FORGET.

im still on the same path that i have been on for a while.

im still happy.

much more cautious than before.

sometimes you have certain situations that define how you view someone for the rest of your life.

sometimes you see them for the very first time.

i always say actions speak louder than words.

a person's mouth can open up and say anything, but if you watch long enough
their actions will tell you everything!!!

GOD is very merciful!

He will give you all the answers if you ask.

dont be fooled though, remember that the devil is very deceiving
when you're on the right track the devil will try to distract you

so be watchful for when something is sent from GOD and when a distraction is sent from the devil.

when GOD wants you to work harder and when HE wants you to defend yourself against harm.

you ever fall in love with a thought?
a fairy tale?

what you wish you and that special person could be
how you could make it work

live the american dream?

raise your family?

you become lost in the dreamworld

because thats not how things really are.

in real life, you never talk.
the texting is scant.

and the wound is fresh.

i would be naive to say that we can just be friends after everything that has happened between us.

i know that you're gonna be fine and so will i.

it was fun to imagine a "we"

"we" never made it that far though.

as always i keep you in my prayers.

i'd be lying if i said i didnt think about you.
want to see you.
youre gorgeous face ;)
still the most handsome man i've ever laid eyes on ♥

i think thats why we even bother. we like to look at each other.

i can close my eyes and see your smile

i miss you.

but i cant argue with GOD or fate.

all i have now is memories.

but i can hold onto them for the rest of my lifetime.

and maybe we'll meet up next lifetime.
when things might work out better.

yea.... next lifetime

Friday, October 7, 2011

goodmorning troops

hello everybody, happy friday!!!

the first week of october is already OVER!

YEA!!!! only a couple more weeks till my birthday :)

these next couple of months are my favorite time of the year!!!!

i unexpectedly still been doin more changes to my apartment (as always) LOL

but its lookin very spiff i tell you
nothing but compliments every time someone comes through :)

so, with the year quickly coming to an end...

i hope everyone has had a GREAT year!!!!

this was one of the best ive had in a LONG time!!!

alot of positive changes
different people in my life

bullshit steppin!

great bonds formed

goons acquired LOLOL LMAO

anyways im just UP enjoying this morning (which i never do)

im hoping to ATTEMPT to change my hours by just a little since its gettin dark and cold so quick

we're already in the low 50's high 40's so, i can already see where this winter is going

its gonna be A COLD ONE FOLKS!

maybe we'll even get snow again :)

when my daughter wakes up we might go on a nice, calm bike ride.

she absolutely loves riding :)

Thanksgiving is around the corner.

i pray everyone gets to spend it the way the LORD planned it.

im gonna be havin a ball hence my birthday lol

then of course CHRISTMAS my ♥♥♥ favorite favorite holiday!

and then we have a brand new year on our doorstep :)

this morning i would like to thank the LORD for waking me up, giving me words to speak to you all.

I see His blessings absolutely everywhere
i see His beauty!!

His masterpieces ♥

enjoy GOD everybody
enjoy life, breath in your body

love your loved ones, pray for your enemies

give GLORY to GOD

put GOD first and everything follows.

Monday, October 3, 2011


thank you for arriving.
unannounced you surprised me.

i assume it was all in God's plan, under His control and his timing

i was totally shocked
but even MORE relieved

you changed my life,
you altered my story

finally a chapter worth telling!

no more sad sorrows

everything is turning around.

everyone, everything that GOD wants around me ~ is here

anyone who is gone, is there for a reason
regardless of whether i understand why or not

i dont have to understand

im leaning NOT toward my own understanding

its really funny to me how people always think other "people" are gonna be the ones to control karma
the big "get back"

but the ONE and only LORD plays that out for you

your cards are already dealt
manifest destiny
everything that is happening
the LORD already wrote
before you were a "glimmer" in your parents eye.

once you FULLY grasp that, its alot easier to let go of things

i was the master at holding onto things

especially hurt

i still do that, (working on it)

and ever since a special someone stepped into my life

everything seems alot simpler


i have alot!!

im OVERblessed ♥

the LORD is good!!

i thank HIM for how far He's brought me

how strong He made my back
how He instilled in me that i can truly do ANYTHING

ive walked a mile and back

ive managed more pain that most could in a lifetime
and my life isnt even half over

GOD told me my sorrow is over
to let it go

let the past be the past

and that my future is BOMBBAY LOL

this past mother's day i received the greatest gift i could have ever hoped to gain
a gift that keeps on giving

never ending love

GOD told me that its ok to cry, but its better to cry tears of JOY

i want to live up to the Lord's expectations

He created greatness!
and im thankful

Saturday, October 1, 2011


i notice different little stuff about people everyday
some things i like, somethings i dont

alot gets over looked.

but soon enough everyone reaches there breaking point.

everything has an expiration date.

surprisingly enough, we often try to ignore it.

and when we do, then real tragedy arrives.

i dont pretend to be anything im not
and i dont want anyone being fake with me.

if you SHOW me that you have no loyalty,
you have NO place in my life.

if you are a friend of mine, then you loyalty shouldnt be questioned.

its time to say good bye

and not that its not time

its passed time

its something that shouldve been done long ago and just wasnt

but now that i see for myself who you are

what you will and wont do

i cant chill wit you

you'll just as quickly stab me in the back.

life as it is