Thursday, September 8, 2011


you know im sittin here this morning.
and first of all im totally stoked because a long time friend of the family
and wonderful lady named tweety is gonna be blessing us with her presence this weekend, along with my mom, her man, my oldest son, and im not sure who all else is gonna be able to come
i know my ex husband some of my in laws (if u will)
mecca n jameel is out this way too but anyways gettin off the subject

i just feel REALLY blessed that all these wonderful people are comin out to make Santana's birthday really special to him ♥

its ALL a total surprise to him
he has no idea about any of this so i can just see the smile smacked across his face when he sees his folks

i know its gonna be one of those weekends that people talk about forever
a memory engraved in my heart ♥

i almost wanna cry.

ive lived here in the same apartment for 5 years and ive never had my family over.
let alone extended family, its gonna be so special to me.

i want it to be 2moro already.

im like a kid on Christmas

and im even worse than Santana cuz i know that everyones coming he doesnt
so im all EXTRA anxious.


i cant believe GOD has BLESSED me with this.

it feels so good.

when you stop letting the devil worry you everything gets better

when you allow GOD to do his work HE WILL.

we're SO BUSY blocking our own blessings its ridiculous

we are truly our own worst enemies sometimes.

but not me
not anymore

GOD take control
and steer my life, my choices and my blessings.

thank you for the gift of this weekend.

may everything go YOUR way ♥ i love you