Sunday, September 18, 2011

a talk with my dad

soo, as some of you may know
i recently met my dad for the first time this year...

today i had my first like ♥ to ♥ talk i guess you could call it lol

it feels very different getting and hearing a mans prospective because men and women handle things so differently,

but it felt good.

i heard what he said.
i believe him.

ive felt in my heart the very words he said so long ago.

he only gave me confirmation.

it takes a long time for little boys to grown up, no matter how mature you call yourself being.

i havent met a real MAN in a long long time.

i came close but NO cigar. :(

but i definitely have a man backing me now, and he AINT to be fucked with lmaoo

CERTIFIED STRIPES dont even play, or fool yourself.

and thats all i need.

somebody keepin all these fake ass, wanna be ass, clown ass, BLOW POPS out the way!!

somebody is batting for me.

i can relax.

he said my heart is NOT to be played with.

and its not.

thank you LORD for everything
for today
right now
my blessings
my life
my air
my breath
the blood flowing through my body

may i forever be in YOUR mercy
and YOUR grace.

thank YOU for bringing me this far