Sunday, September 18, 2011

self pep talk

hang in there Chase, storms never last forever

Love yourself as much as you can

Live the life the Lord has already created for you in His Name.

never accept substandard treatment, even from those that you expected the best from.

Realize when someone isnt right for you
take the steps to continue your own happiness

Dont depend on anyone

Be strong in moments of weakness.

Continue to learn about yourself and your history

The devil is only trying to distract you from the Lord's blessings.
Dont let him make you fall short of God's glory.

say what you mean and mean what you say

dont bluff

make Hard decisions in despite of controversy.

STOP reaching out to unavailable people.

SEE them for who they are.

Know that you cant change people

they are who they are.

you either have to accept them as is.

or walk away.

know that just because its hurting now, you wont hurt forever.


GOD said you are worth More than rubies!!!

dont degrade yourself.

never let a man hold you down or keep you down.

a man isnt a man if he isnt empowering you.

making you FEEL like every bit of the woman you truly are!


leave eveything in JESUS' hands and you wont go wrong.

if GOD has taken someone away from you,
let them stay gone.

I know you might miss them at times,
but theyre better left in the past.

you dont need their love
depend on GOD

GOD loves you when youre at your best, your worst.
whether youre right or wrong.

you can always depend on HIM

HIS shoulders are broader than anyone you will ever know

cry out to HIM

HE hears

HE answers.

not all of the answers will be what we want to hear,
but its what we need to hear.

Follow the LORD

you are forever HIS baby.

no one else has to know your worth but HIM.

i love you chase