Monday, September 12, 2011

seasons changing

the seasons are changing again.

another year GONE

everything is evolving

progression for the ones moving in the right direction

ive been bonding with alot of important people

especially MEN

who IM SURE will play a very vital role in MY life,

my kids lives, from now until forever.

im working on family ties.

everyone else is working on their intimate relationships...

am i totally crazy because im shying away from all that?

i dont have time for that.

theres so much else to worry about,

and plus everybody i know is really unhappy in their relationships

they lie to each other, argue, cheat.

why do all that?

why not just be single and live the single life

which is essentially what you're still doing

your mate just doesnt know it.

i APPLAUD anyone who is in a loving, committed, trusting relationship or marriage.

cause that takes ALOT of work.

understanding, time, communication, sacrifice, teamwork,

its a very intricate combination
and its TOUGH

thats why i cant devote any of myself to that right now.

with all the changes in my life over the past year i dont know if i EVER wanna do that, i dont know lol

it would have to be a TRUE ACT OF GOD!!!!

through GOD ALL things are possible.

i wish everyone luck on their endeavors.

im gonna start thinking of my new years resolution...

its almost been a year since i stopped smoking.

i did that!!!! now i gotta work on something else.

im exercising

biking, boxing, yoga

so it might take me a little while to decide what my next move will be

ive decided against henderson. so thats a load off

i cant believe halloween is around the corner

then turkey day and CHRISTMAS :)

then the year is over man

another year knocking on our doorstep

what have you accomplished this year?

what have you done that would move GOD?

what have you done that GOD sees?

think about these things and make changes in your life

2moro may never come.

make today count.

enjoy GOD ♥