Monday, September 12, 2011


well, the family is gone and extended famm :(

that shit was fun tho!!

everyone had a GREAT time!!!

now we're talkin thanksgiving or Christmas...

YEA!!! my house is one of the holiday spots!!! ♥♥♥

didnt really none of us sleep

we took naps n shit

me n tweet was goin hard with the movies.

goin to sleep at 5am LOL

everybody was sleepin everywhere lol

they finally learned the secret to how NOT to make amil hate you lol

there was so much love in the house.


extremely favored in the LORD's eyes ♥

thank you JESUS

so back to normal life for now.

school, homework etc

but we are definitely planning another trip!!!

and anyone that knows me, knows that if u got love from me theres no problem wit stayin at my house when you're in town etc.

if i love you and i consider you fam,

how would i make you stay anywhere else??

anyways food for thought


out of towners comin out here to gett tattooed

please call ahead n schedule ahead of time so there wont be any confusion or conflict of schedules