Friday, September 9, 2011

my lizard

So, im sittin on the fone talkin wit my bestfriend like i do everynight

and i see a teeny tiny lizard scurry across my floor!!!

now i been living in las vegas for around 7 years off and on.

and ive NEVER EVER seen a lizard in vegs


so im thinking mybe its some kind of sing... maybe GOD talking to me in a subtle way

so i do a little diggin on the net and here is SOME of what i found.


In myths and lore, Lizard is associated with dreaming. Dreams awaken our unconscious mind and make us aware of issues we haven't been ready to face in our conscious lives. Lizard appears when we need to analyze our present reality and brings the message for immediate change in some area of our life. This change can represent letting go of old ideas or negative behaviors which endanger our growth.

The behavioral pattern of the lizard has inspired various beliefs, myths and legends associated with the Sun. In Egypt, it is said that in spring the lizards will climb an eastward facing wall and look to the east. When the Sun rises, the lizard's sight and the sight of some blinded person, will is returned. Lizards have been associated with extreme heat in the Near East and in Australia, the aboriginal believed that the sky would fall if you killed one.

In ancient Egypt and Greek symbolism the lizard represented divine wisdom and good fortune. This was especially true of the reverence for Serapes and Hermes. In Roman mythology, lizards supposedly sleep through the winter and so symbolize both death and resurrection. Early Christianity associated the lizard with the devil and with evil. While on the Pacific islands of Polynesia and Maoris lizards are revered as a "heaven god."

i had lost my first draft you guys im sorry

but everything happens for a reason

anyways he ran from the living room area and he ran over under neath my tattooing stuff

so i moved the shelf and he actually stood still long enough for me to steal 2 pictures of him

now he was extremely small now bigger than an inch

if i wouldnt have been looking at that exact spot at that exact time i wouldve missed him...

but i didnt ♥♥♥

i dont know what it means

but when it comes to GOD he says

"lean not toward your own understanding"

by the way.... i am EXTREMELY sorry about the discoloration of the text. etc. i have no idea why it keeps doin that