Saturday, September 10, 2011


soooooo today was Santana man 8th birthday.

and it WENT OFF!!!!

it was incredibly fun, unpredictable, ghetto lol

a little bit of everything

i am SOOOO tired

im working off of 2 hours of sleep

everything went liked i hoped and even better

these kids were like,

"i like your house"

"this is the best party ever"

"i love you"

amil had a blast!!!

everyone did!!!

sen, santana, amil

and everyone else in attendance.

the cake....

we had oils, and oil burners.

pizza, bread, spaghetti, garlic bread, salad.

juice, juice for the adults ;) lol

a pinata which went ghetto as all get out lmaoooo

the shakeyata we shoulda callt it

they partied for HOURS

im tired and my bones hurt

my ankle is in dire need of something, i just dont know what

and i feel like i can sleep for a week...


to see Santana's smile on his face when he woke up and saw his brother and granny, papa. tweety bird ♥♥♥

you couldnt pay me a trillion dollars to give that one second up

and all the other kids sayin they love me is just a bonus

you woulda thought we had jay z at the house how flattered they were.

so day one is down.

2moro we hittin the outlets,

maybe i can get me another coach purse *hopefully* lol

anyways let me enjoy this weekend while it last.

every dang gone second ♥

plus my bed is callin me


its short