Monday, August 15, 2011

where do we go from here?

im sittin here and im trying to figure out a few things...

emotions of the heart

u ever miss someone,
but when you where dealing with them you brought out the worst in them?

or at least it felt that way?

there's nothing worse than feeling unwanted or unloved from the person that you're in love with.

but i guess certain people come in and out of our live's for good reasons

it's all in GOD's hands

i dont profess or pretend to be in control of anything

i know that miracles are real

people re conciliate everyday

im gonna try not to stress about it.

not even think about it

(if i can)

im gonna stay focused and stay on the path that ive been on because thus far it's brought me to a good place

if it's not broke dont fix it!

anyways jus wanted to get a few words off of my chest

its alot goin on

its gonna take even longer to sort out...

and what about if someone has an interest in you

some one smart, motivated

owns their own business

no kids

great catch all in all...

how do you decide from whats right

and what you're conflicted with?

they say insanity is making the same choices, doing the same thing expecting different results

i dont want to be that kind of person i see it everyday

so LORD guide my life and all my choices

let me NOT be deceived by the devil

or distracted from the path and plan you have for me and my family's life