Sunday, August 21, 2011

up and alone

enjoying the music

the alcohol lol

and the smoke.

gonna do a rest in peace name 2moro for an o.g.'s mom

she passed on wednesday... my sons birthday

they say all energy is borrowed.

someone has to go for another to be able to have life..

do you believe it??

it touches me when i do these types of tattoos because theyre so personal

i told o.g. that he'll be in my prayers

as will his mother who i never had the pleasure of meeting

life is so short people

so fragile

no one is garunteed 2moro

the foolish people squander their blessings away

having nothing left for "2moro"

no family,
no loved ones

because they were so horrible to people before

now people are horrible to them

please people dont spend your life giving up your joy to anyone

appreciate the miracles that are before you

when you dont recognize how GOD blesses you

he takes your blessings

maybe he will take your sight since you have a problem seeing (food for thought)

anyways im just up and taking the time to write out whats important to me

i hope it touches someone

just one person

then it will have been worth it


spread love not hate

be a lover not a hater

and continue to be as blessed as you are 2day ♥♥♥

because you are truly blessed in so many ways