Friday, August 19, 2011

Step father

with the change of times and the way people think

old, traditional lifestyles where mom and dad stay together no matter what,

are no longer thought of

or maybe it is (i seek it) sometimes its just the wrong person wrong time

any who...

with the change of times, more and more mixed families
unconventional are MAINSTREAM and very much the NORM

so we have a lot of "step" mothers and fathers...

that are vital roles in these families

the future

and i think its important to stress the fact of how IMPORTANT you guys are

in some instances you are taking the FULL load because the other parent is absent and not in the picture at all

for some you may share a responsibility

my ex husband just recently got remarried and our son is currently living in their home

im sure that his wife knows that responsibility

im know for sure that his dad does.

but its that understanding that is very difficult for some

now im not an expert

me and kay had a long bumpy road before we found even ground.

we even bump heads at times now

but we always get passed it.

it takes a village to raise a child

it takes a whole community

it takes courage

from step mothers and step fathers

people who have to look into themselves and love a child AS THEIR OWN

now a lot of people might CLAIM that they do this or have done it
but let me tell you its a lot easier said than done

i was with someone who swore he loved my son as his own,

yet every time we got into it, its well then i wont deal with your son....


parenting isnt some choice you can walk away from when you're mad


thick and thin good or bad.

when they crash your car, set the house on fire

go to jail,

get drunk

fail a class

theyre still yours

and if you can walk away from a child that you claim to love as your own

then you dont really love them the way you think you do im sorry.

thats why its such a GREAT responsibility

because it is forever

these step kids are your future

theyre gonna give you grand kids

these are YOUR KIDS

i dont know many step children that even address their step parents in that manner

when they get introduced


so just remember everyone when you attempt to deal with a woman or a man who has children what you are taking on

its a beautiful thing

but it takes REAL MEN and WOMEN do to a job so tedious

it doesnt pay LOL

just pays with love

wrinkles around your mouth from smiling


you teaching your kids and your kids teaching you

football practice


cheer leading uniforms

fund raisers

hopefully no broken bones but i have 2 boys...

i thank you all for the job you take on

and what you give to your kids

the future

when you do your job right

they have absolutely no absence in their life

my mom is adopted so i never got to meet my real grand mother and grand father

but the grandparents i had

gave me more love than any one i could have ever imagined

i couldn't have imagined my life without them and i never felt like i was missing anything because i never was

they were my angels

and YOU


are angels for your children

thank you for loving these kids

may GOD bless in ways unimaginable to you