Thursday, August 11, 2011


So our trip to mount charleston was a major success

we did everything we set out to do and more.

we set up the tent by ourselves.

started our campfire,

then just relaxed and continued to feed our fire all nite long...

the first night got A LOT colder than we expected lol

we started out all sprawled out in our own respective places

(the tent is HUGE 18' by 10') it sleeps 9 so there was PLENTY of room

by the time we woke up we were huddled together like roaches lol tryna stay warm!!

we had to drive home to get long pants, sweaters and jackets, then back to camp we went!

we started another fire, then we went in search of the waterfalls

we had to pick the shortest, easiest, trail to hike

cuz the baby, but she was READY

she loved it.

we played at the water for a little, hiked bac down, then drove back to our campsite...

built our night time fire and settled in for the night.

we collected alot of fire wood from the other camp ground

we became experts at wood collecting

it was very relaxing out there,

no cell fones, tv's, computers

facebooks, twitters, blogs, people knocking on the door

no distractions.

no time.

you wake up whenever your eyes open.

build your fire when you get cold,

eat when your hungry

you're not constantly rushing

you eat slower,

you laugh,

you listen to the trees rustle,

feel the breeze,

watch the bees buzz,

you walk to wherever the bathroom is,

you sight see.

play with the water.

look for fire wood.

sit on logs.

lay in the tent listening to nature.

get away from everything and everyone you know.

let the kids run rampant

scream as loud as they want.

get dirty

throw rocks,

play with bugs,

"ninja train" lol

it was a beautiful trip

and i plan on making it something annual if i can!!

we learned alot from our first family camping trip.

of course we CANNOT get the tent folded so it'll fit back in the tent bag! :(

its like a map, you unfold it, and can never get it back the same again


we learned how to dress,
how to make a GREAT long, lasting, burning fire

what to cook

how long it takes to boil water over an open fire.

what amil likes, and doesnt like lol

and all in all how to get along witout alot of the bullshit and just enjoy each other with no distractions

young people barely go outside anymore

i encourage everyone to take a camping trip if you can

you'll learn alot about yourself and about the other people you take on your camping trip.

im definitely glad to be back home.

sleeping on a bed, instead of a bed of rocks lol

but its definitely a trip to remember!!!

enjoy life everybody

dont let anybody,