Monday, August 22, 2011

im single

and loving it i might add...

theres just something about the freedom to do absolutely whatever you want!!!

it took me a lil while to get used to because i was in a relationship for so long but once i started to realize what i had let go and what i was gaining
i started to feel alot better.

plus all my friends that WERE in relationships or marriages were miserable.

and i didnt want to live that kinda life.

i could have been married a few times.

i turned down a proposal or two.
it just didnt feel right.

well besides the fact that i just got divorced in june... lol

but i still woulda said no anyways

you cant settle man

you know what i asked my best friend something cuz she prolly knows me better than anyone in the world, other than GOD and myself

and she knows what and who i have goin on in my life, what ive had

and i asked her if she thinks im supposed to be with any of them and why she thinks im not with them

and if i should just go ahead and give in and say fuck it

and be with one of them

she said that i should be with some one "who makes my heart♥ RACE"

then she told me a person who USED to make my heart race and she made a comparison...

so whoever i end up with, has to make my heart just burst outta my chest

they have to be thoughtful
and they have to realize that i am a packaged deal, i come with three loving kids

and they have to respect and love them

want the absolute best for them

bend over backward for them as i do

if anyone can get passed santana then they're a keeper
cuz he's CUTTHROAT and i dont even give a fuck that he is


and he's had people make promises to both me and him
and they never came thru for either of us

so i think he's learning at an early age how to read people
and i partially trust his judgement because kids are very perceptive

they see alot that we adults dont

i think to make me see ANY man in a different light you have to have a big heart....

towards me

you have to understand where i come from
my background and be very sensitive to it

because im a very sensitive person

when you love someone you love ALL of them

the good and the BAD

the bad is even more important,
cuz thats when the true test of love steps in...

will you stick around?

all of these questions are exactly why i cant be in a relationship with anyone right now

because i have no time to wonder all day and night

i have 3 kids to take care of and worry about

i have a business to worry about

and ive been in relationships for a while

i think its finally time to take time out for ME

im not worried about NOBODY

me n the kids are enough.

so with that being said
women dont be afraid to stand on your own to feet

its very attractive to men when they see you taking care of yourself and holding shit down

thats the kind of woman they want

dont be afraid to leave a bad relationship

especially an ABUSIVE, or VIOLENT relationship

please think about yourself, your kids and your life

know that there is always someone to talk to

enjoy life everyone

make smart decisions!!!!

GOD first
Family follows